Come To London and
Discover The Power of Ask and Receive
Introductory -- September 15, 16 and 17 (Fri. - Sun.)
Advanced -- September 18 and 19 (Mon. -Tues.)
At the NCVO 8 All Saints Street, London N1 9RL
Near St Pancras and Kings Cross Stations
Sandi, Tom and Pam are returning to London. Please come and discover how to harness your unconscious to achieve your heart's desire.
Set yourself free with: 
Ask and Receive
Phil Mollon, Ph.D.
2017 President of ACEP
"Its a tremendous method with so many applications... A treasured part of the family of Energy Psychology."
About "The Power of Ask and Receive" Course
Last year's course was so well received that we have been asked back to London this year for another life changing event.
Ask and Receive uses the power of your unconscious to transform trauma and limiting beliefs that infect all of us. Negative learning stretching back to childhood clutters up the mind and keeps us from becoming as happy, healthy and successful as we can be.
Ask & Receive is an exciting new health discovery that uses the power of your unlimited being to allow you to ask for what you want in your life and have it! People are using this simple process to ask for changes in every part of their lives; greater health, less pain, releasing trauma, more joy, greater flexibility, better relationships, peace. People are asking for and receiving all of these things and many more.
Sandi, Pam and Tom are offering both a 3 day introductory and a 2 day advanced course this year.
This  training will give you everything you need to let go of your limitations and transform yourself, your family, and your clients.
Day 1 – Basic training in Ask & Receive
 Concepts of Ask & Receive
 Simple Ask & Receive for group and individuals
 Muscle test guided Ask & Receive
 Felt Sense Guided Ask & Receive
 Surrogate Ask & Receive
 Plenty of Supervised Practice

Day 2 – Using Ask & Receive for Relationships
 Relationships as the ultimate spiritual path.
 Three stages of relationship.
 Identifying and resolving problems in relationship.
 How to work with only one member of a couple.
 How to work with both members of a couple.
 and of course, plenty of supervised practice.

Day 3 – Using Ask & Receive for Allergies
 Concepts of allergic reactions and allergy treatments
 Identification of reactive substances
 What to test
Treatment modalities – Spinal Release, Meridian Laser Technique and Ask & Receive
Allergic reaction to beliefs, words and your desires including money, weight loss, etc.
 and of course, plenty of supervised practice.

In the Advanced Sessions You Will Learn
Day 1 – Moving Deeper
 Brief overview of Ask & Receive
 Extended demonstration, group and individual practice.
 Specific topics will be determined by the group.

Day 2 – Moving Even Deeper
 Discussion, demonstration and practice of what to do  when things are not changing.
 Extended demonstration, group and individual practice.
 Specific topics will be determined by the group.
"I can't recommend it highly enough."
"One of the most amazing trainings I have ever been on."
"This has been just tremendous!"
"It has been an incredible experience. Thank you."
What You Will Get
In the Introductory Course, You will Learn to Find, Transform and Replace Negative Thoughts and Feelings Almost Instantly, and then go on to discover how to even let go of physical issues such as pain, swelling and allergies!
Last year Sandi, Tom and Pam were invited to teach an introductory class in London which was so well received that this year they were invited back to offer both the introductory as well as an advanced course.
If you haven't experienced Ask and Receive, we hope you will come and take at least the introductory course, it can transform your life and those of your clients. If you attended last year, then we hope you will consider embracing the technique even further to move even deeper into a world governed by Grace and Ease.
In the introductory course you will become proficient in the three levels of Ask & Receive
Simple Ask & Receive
Help someone using the five simple phrases of Ask & Receive.

Muscle Test Guided
Learn how to use Applied Kinesiology as a guide, allowing a much more focused treatment, targeting a wide range of symptoms including physical, emotional and interpersonal issues.

Felt Sense Guided Ask & Receive
Learn how to tune-in to the body’s innate communication system as a guide, allowing a much more focussed treatment, targeting a wide range of symptoms including physical, emotional and interpersonal issues.
Then Go Deeper As You Focus in on Different Topics
Learn to transform limitations in your relationships to yourself, to romantic partner, to parent, to child, to work, your partner etc.
Understanding the true nature of all relationship difficulty and how to intervene at the source will give you dramatic therapeutic power when helping yourself and your clients overcome issues that always present themselves in relationships.

Learn to find and release allergies to foods, environmental substances, and even to words, money, weight etc. 
Many people have reported that understanding how allergies are acquired, assessed and released can bring with it much greater freedom from a range of chronic physical ailments.
In the Advanced Course, you will become truly proficient.
Advanced Course Only Available to Students who have completed the Introductory Course In London
The advanced course offers two days of demonstration and supervised practice. You will be able to bring the technique even more fully into your mind and body as you watch demonstrations and practice with other students.

Bring all of your aches and pains, sorrow, anger and fear so that you can use learn to release them one by one during this two day supervised practice. 

Check out the video clips above in which some of last years students reflect back on their experiences and what they learned from the Introductory Class.
Other elements of the Advanced Course
  • Learn: How to use Ask and Receive "Surrogately" to help those who are too young or too sick to work with directly or who are not present.
  • Learn: Even more deeply how to use Ask and Receive to transform specific issues such as: Weight, Anger, Anxiety, Grief, Dream Work, Self Love.
  • Learn: To use Ask and Receive to "Manifest" things that you desire more rapidly into your life such as: Money, Fulfilling Relationships and Optimal Outcomes.
  • Discover: What to do when things don't seem to be changing.
  • Discover:  How to help troubled couples find renewed connection and love. 
  • Practice: Practice in groups and receive peer feedback.
  •  Practice: Brainstorming, problem solving, and direct experience until Ask and Receive is rooted in your body/mind.
September is just around the corner. Sign up now!
Intro Refresher
All Prices in US Dollars
Meet Your Instructors, Sandi, Tom and Pam
Sandi Radomski, ND, LCSW
Sandi is the recipient of the "Major Contribution to the Field" from the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology in 2015. The creator of Allergy Antidotes. She is one of the pioneers of Energy Psychology. A therapist for over 40 years, she has been pioneering and presenting EP techniques for almost two decades in the U.S.and internationally. She also has a global private practice. She was one of the first long distance practitioners and has a deep commitment to effectively assisting people in meeting their physical and emotional goals.
Tom Altaffer, LCSW
Tom is board certified in Social Work, a psychotherapist, life coach, author and international trainer. He is the co-creator of Ask and Receive as well as the developer of several other mind/body therapies including “Releasing Through Love (1999)” and “Higher States Therapy (2000)”. As a therapist for over 30 years, he has specialized in helping those struggling with disabilities and early trauma. Tom is committed to understanding the deeper structure of our being and finding ways to help people get free of suffering.
Pam Altaffer, LCSW
Pam is board certified in Social Work, with an active psychotherapy and coaching practice. She specializes in helping people create and maintain the relationships of their hearts desire (to themselves, a partner, or family). As the developer of the Felt Sense modality of Ask and Receive, Pam’s focus is on helping people reconnect to the wisdom of their bodies and receive rapid, powerful, joyous transformation. Pam coaches people from around the world using the phone and video. She also teaches nationally and internationally.
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